Semester Project & Research Paper Update

          So just to remind everyone on my topic, it’ll be on Illuminati in the music industry and sort of it’s influence and how it’s believed to be the ultimate control of the industry and specific genres such as hip-hop and pop. I’m looking into the whole conspiracy behind it and how for years it’s been speculated that major artists including rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West to have this formed “secret society”. In this past week I’ve been doing a lot of research on the background of Illuminati, and it’s emergence from the Freemasons. In my paper I want to include the conspiracies behind the deaths of musical legends such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tupac, Biggie, etc. From what I’ve been reading it is believed that their deaths were sacrifices for the life of others… in which they were sworn into after committing themselves to the Illuminati. There’s a lot of over dramatized evaluations that some sources are making I would like to stay away from, because those are just extreme analytical people. I found various YouTube videos that I’ll use as references in which many of them pin point the meaning of different symbols for instance, in videos of these claimed to be Illuminati members. 

         For my semester project, I have my Tumblr (http://divergenthealthandbeauty.tumblr.com/) and my Twitter account (https://twitter.com/divergent_h_b), which are both set up for all of you to follow. I’ve been writing tweets that are giving a variety of tips. Some of them are geared for women, others geared for men, but most that apply for both. These tweets include ways to stay healthy in terms of food and exercise, quick fix beauty tips and home remedies. I’m up to about 15 followers; I am trying to spread the word about my blog to others, and also following and re-tweeting other accounts that are alike. On my Tumblr, I’m giving more extensive tips where I’ll explain exactly what to do for a home remedy such as how to make a facial mask, or an exercise plan. I’ll be uploading more posts more often for you guys to read this week. 

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