Update on Semester Project and Research paper

I am getting a lot done at the moment with my semester project.  I have completed pretty much all of my research and now i am trying to figure out how to use imovie and put together a commercial like video.  I have put in a lot of time in my research and am trying to make a 5 minute video on the affects of alcohol, and am trying to locate commercials that big alcohol corporations have made in order to back up a lot of my points, and to show how the corporate world convinces people that their alcoholic products will make them the person that they’ve always wished to be.  Now for my research paper, i have started doing a lot of research, and have began putting together an outline, and an intro for the paper.  I am having trouble narrowing down my searches, so it’s been a bit harder to find useful information for my research paper compared to my semester project.  All in all everything is coming together quite well, and I am getting a little more confident that i will be able to complete both nicely, and in time for the due dates.  I am going to try to get more done during the break, and i will keep posting my status.

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