NPR November 16, 2012 Petraeus Scandal

Eduardo Salgado     Nov. 27,2012

I agree with the fact that if justice can be served then it should, but there should be forms of proving one’s guilt in a crime.  Even though Petraeus did harm to the US during the Afghanistan war, this does not mean he should be put behind bars because the FBI was able to access his private emails and files.  This does not take away the fact that I still view him as a criminal, but the way the FBI operated to find the truth is unjust and immoral.  Petraeus was basically hacked and the last time I checked hacking one’s documents is a valid crime in the U.S. There should be no reason that just because the FBI is a government agency and seeks to protect people that they should be allowed to break the law. It is a double standard because even though the FBI wants to protect one is never really protected. Who is to say that they wont target you at some point? This issue has somewhat affected my family recently and now my brother, who is innocent by the way, could find it difficult to attend college next year because of this incident. To summarize his situation my brother was recently involved in the distribution of child pornography all because one of his friends two years ago decided to mail a girls picture to about other 50 students. My brother erased the picture and did not even ask to receive it, but obviously the police force took in all the people who received the photo and now their phones have been confiscated for investigation. I know my brother is no criminal so if they search his phone they will find nothing, but what about the other students? What if the police force sees something else that they could convict the students for? If the police force wanted they could charge the students with crimes that don’t even have to do with the crime that is currently under investigation. I feel that the police force should have more sources of proof before going and taking personal items from people. We all should abide the laws and even though Petraeus is guilty in my opinion he should remain innocent because of the way he was convicted.

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