Is Amazon a Monopoly? On the Media Response

Amazon can certainly be referred to as a monopolistic competition on the interent. Yes, it does have the power to control their own prices while for others such as Apple they have to face consequences for their choice of price for products. However, Amazon sells multiple varieties and a wide range of different products ranging from electronics to books, you name it. As they mentioned in the interview, Amazon draws customers to the site with their prices because a lot of their products, books especially are so affordable for buyers. Our students here at Manhattanville are more likely to buy books from Amazon rather than from our school bookstore. Agency pricing however was important for other companies such as the Big 6 but in all reality Amazon gets away with a bit more than others do. Apple and other companies have raised prices, and want to protect a marketplace where as for Amazon and its publishers, this isn’t really so good for publishers profit. One advantage that was mentioned that Amazon has over others is that it has become a huge line of business and allows them to integrate and own publishers but dislike what they want to sell or what publishers offer them to sell. This market on the web also tags along with its products such as the Nook, or Kindle, and affects paperback books and what publishers actually make as well, because there is an uprising in digital media today. 

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