Research Paper & Semester Project 11/27 Update

So far with my research paper, I have about a quarter left of it to write. All of my main points are outlined so I know exactly want to discuss and go in depth about. I’ve already found most if not all the information I would like to use, in which most of my sources include online websites and blogs as well as YouTube videos. After introducing the Illuminati and the conspiracy of it being the “brains behind the operation” of the music industry I talk about who are the speculated “Elite” members, also mentioning a variety of artists that have “sold their souls” and how they are all interconnected. Also, I’ve talk about initiations and sacrifices that come with the territory of wanting to being apart of the Illuminati cult, giving examples. I spoke about the deaths of artists (like I mentioned in my last post) including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Biggie, and Tupac and those conspiracies. Also I’ve talked about the meaning behind the some of the lyrics is the music that’s being released by artists and the subliminal messages incorporated in their songs and music videos, and how most of us are oblivious to it. I’ll be giving examples on specific songs and video, explaining what the symbols represent.

For my semester project, I have about 18 followers on my Twitter page, I would hope for everyone in the class to follow, whether it’s your semester project twitter or personal one. Same thing for my blog on tumblr. I’m trying to post more blogs, more often. Again, the links are https://twitter.com/divergent_h_b and my blog http://divergenthealthandbeauty.tumblr.com/

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