Update: Reseach Paper

Where I’m at in the research paper, in full disclosure, is not as far as I would like to be. As a reminder- I’m looking at the changes in Rap music from the 90’s to present, and trying to find what factors may have attributed to found changes. What has proven to be challenging is that there are a limited number of valid and/or scholarly sources on the subject. My inclination for this is the subject matter I am looking for is too current and recent in history to be fully explored by enough members of academia.

The research itself has been fun though; being that the topic is one that interests me. It has been slightly difficult to lay aside my opinion and become objective on the matter. As someone who grew up listening to music of the 90’s, I am quick to dismiss popular music of today, particularly rap, as lacking creativity, soul or any genuine message.

So, in typical procrastinating fashion, I am left to put the pieces of the puzzle together in the coming days in the form of a well-thought and developed research paper.

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