Semester Project

For my semester project it summarized at 111 photos, 90 followers, and 139 following. The semester project was an enjoyable experience. I enjoyed actually having my own form of social media and actually being in charge of what was put on the site, and what images were posted. The SWAG page became popular and when I would see people in the halls they would say “Oh SWAG page” lol This past weekend was the Baseball Team’s annual Christmas party, and a lot of people mentioned that they wanted their pictures to be put on the SWAG page. One girl actually made me post 3 photos back-to-back of her and it was pretty funny. I thought that everyone should be able to enjoy what they wanted to share with others or their definition of SWAG and how they “mastered” it , and a lot of people defined this. For this week’s final SWAG pic of the week, it goes to a photo of myself and Marco Blasetti. Considering that we are both Seniors and mastered the SWAG at the Christmas party with the Manhattanville Shades, it’s without a doubt that we “SWAGGED” it. As Seniors it was the last Christmas Party for us, and with finals week coming up, and all of the exams, everyone had a great time. 



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