Path to Publication: Unified Coalition of Struggling Sports Writers

Path to Publication: Unified Coalition of Struggling Sports Writers

Here is my semester project. As summarized during critical background- the idea was to capture the process of writing an article for a professional sports/fantasy writer and blogger. I mentioned in class that my desired outcome was to no avail, but this was an incredible learning experience.

The only way I saw it possible to merge this project with something that captures my divergent voice and yet extends an invitation to others in the virtual community, was to create a forum where people with similar experiences could share with one another. I intend to keep this forum going past this semester, as it really took all semester just to gain the experience necessary to encourage the idea.

The site captures my process as it went along. From the beginning, where I was thrilled at the potential opportunity ahead of me; to the progress and adjustments made, thanks to exchanging drafts through e-mail; the eventual injury of subject, which would prove to be the end of my hopes of a publication before today.

I want to thank Professor Proctor for his encouragement, wisdom and assistance in shaping my existing passion with this project. I hope for you to impart your own experience as the first outside blogger on the site.

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