Semester Project

I can finally say that the semester project is at a point in which I am not ashamed of showing it to other people. We have filled out the sections we had in mind. Organized a tournament and covered most of the rugby events that took place this semester (we even added a roster page!).

I personally enjoyed doing this project since it was something different from what I am used to. We divided the tasks on a weekly basis with Natali so we made sure that we could cover as many events as possible.

We also created a Facebook page that was as or maybe more successful than the blog itself, given that all the promotion was done through it and our followers could keep up by visualizing the news that appeared at the top of their news feed. At almost 100 followers and a weekly reach of almost 1,000 I can say that the outcome of the project was astonishing and our divergent voice was definitely heard.

Visit the blog and review our latest sections !







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