Semester Project

I really enjoyed working on this semester project with Ivan. I believe we did a very good job. To summarize, we created a blog and a Facebook page and we covered all rugby games for this semester and we had a tournament.

I am personally very interested in rugby after I discovering the sport this semester. I feel that this blog and Facebook really helped me discover my own divergent voice about rugby and being able to share something with people that I really enjoy doing.

I feel we reached many people and followers for being just a class project. I realized that many of the people who followed were people interested in the sport and students at Manhattanville, I feel that we reached the goal of our project, which was to give voice to the Manhattanville sports that aren’t cover by the school.

We wanted to include more than rugby, like quittich and freesbee.  However, through the process of the creation we learned that these sports didn’t have games going on during the fall and we were lucky to even get the rugby games. This realization is what made our page more focus on rugby.

I believe this semester project was a big success and not only because we had a goo turnout, but because I enjoyed it so much. I want to continue into having the blog and the Facebook page through the spring semester and have people updated information on what’s going on with rugby, freesbe and quittich at Manhattanville.

We also took a video on one of the rugby games and in order to upload it to our Facebook and blog we had to create a vimeo account. There were also some interviews that I had done with the Captains of the rugby team and in order to share those as well we had to create a soundcloud account. To me this process was very fun because on my own I got to learn how to create podcasts and edit videos. I was able to play around and get to explore different means of social networks that I never used before. I was able to understand how sharing information really worked, when I stared this class I really had no Idea and sometimes didn’t really get to understand it when we talked about it in class, but this project really helped me in understanding those things and the reason being is because I was able to apply it and explored the different types the digital world works.I find myself now sharing things all the time and also following people on their blogs, videos, comments and Facebook.

Check out our blog and our Facebook

Check out our vimeo and soundcloud


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