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“I wasn’t naturally an empathetic person until I started doing the work with the channel,” said Daniel Heinlein from the Autism channel.

Having a difficulty/limitation or difference from the world we see as ‘normal’ can leave many people feeling alone and helpless; to hear a positive story of a new channel to serve as an aid to people within the autism spectrum can bring music to many ears. The channel is beneficial by creating work for people such as Daniel who is on the autism spectrum, or joy to the 13,000 viewers watching various real-life shows and interviews.

I believe there are not enough ‘real-life’ drama/ documentaries shown on television. We watch numerous real-life shows such as ‘The Real Housewives’- a selection of rich stuck up women who want to show off, but how is this benefiting the viewers? Staged productions of dance shows, singing and house hunting, I believe, all border on the true definition of a documentary. If other new channels such as the Autism Channel could be created, could this start a new trend within our broadcasting? What reality could be next?

It seems in our world, it is the work of few who bring too many. Jerry and Ray, who own and run the station alone, are making such an impact. From experience from my associates degree in Television Production I also can use some empathy (not natural to me, like Daniel) and it is very hard work. The studio space was described as very small, but you have to start somewhere and from launching last September, I believe this can travel to something big.

I am hoping the interview will bring some exposure to the channel and added comfort to the diagnosed and families of the people within the spectrum of autism.

To listen to the Podcast click here
To view the website for the Autism Channel click here

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  1. I feel that autism is a series issue. It is great that people on the spectrum are being broadcasted to the world. I fear that message may not reach the right audience. I feel this way because I worry that people in general will either not watch it or watch it and feel incredibly sad because they have a loved one suffering from autism. I think the idea for the channel is truly great and has a wonderful message.

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