This past week’s On the Media included a segment about Scientology. It was very interesting because I had no idea what a big role Tom Cruise played in the church of Scientology. I know he practices it. I know he is a celebrity. However I did not know that he was a key figure in the church. He is a high status member. He is a leader not a follower. From the description of his life in the church he is pampered. He is treated like a king. This make total sense because he will promote the religion and will get the media coverage to do so. The On the Media segment expressed that Cruise was Scientology’s window to the rest of the world. I remember seeing him on the news a few years ago. He was very angry about psychiatric medicine. His aggressive manor made me think that his issue with this was personal. I feel that he has experienced some sort of mental health issues. It is fascinating that he appears so aggressive and sure of himself. I feel he is more complex than that but does not show it. If he is the window into Scientology there must be a lot uncovered information about the religion. As it turned out On the Media touched on some of the information. There is a lot to understand about scientology.

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