The Autism Channel Podcast

imagesThe podcast that I found very interesting in this week’s on the media was the Autism Channel podcast. One of the major reasons why I liked this podcast so much was because I have a very close family friend who’s two kids both have autism so this podcast was very close to my heart. One of the main things that I found so interesting was the fact that there is a whole TV channel devoted to people with autism in Florida. This station puts people with autism in front of the camera and gives a lot of hope to those with autism who believe they can never be on TV or be a role model for someone; it gets it out there in the media and public eye. Another example of Autism in the media is that there is a show called the Rocket Family Chronicles, which is a show, hosted by a nineteen-year-old kid with Aspergers. This show is very inspiring to others because it shows a lot of how someone with Aspergers reacts in daily settings as well as family settings.

What I also really liked about this podcast was that they used real examples of real people to share their stories. Daniel is a young man who has Aspergers a mild form of autism that makes him socially awkward, he talks about his struggle and how he copes and deals with this on a day-to-day basis. Something interesting that I learned from this podcast that I had no idea about was how people with autism have good and bad days, meaning some days this disorder affects them more strongly with either awkwardness or anger and then on good days they feel much more happy. As far as the data goes in 2002 1 out of 150 people had autism but in 2008 1 in every 88 people have autism. This disorder is becoming more and more widespread and what’s great about all these shows is that it is spreading the word and bringing awareness to the disorder and telling people that is nothing to be ashamed of.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I also felt the Autism channel was very inspiring since I have previously worked with children who have autism. I felt this was a wonderful way to give people a sense of comfort and show them they are not alone. As far as role models go I think Daniel had done a wonderful job to encourage others to follow their dreams, regardless of your circumstances.

  2. I found the autism segment fascinating as well! It was inspiring and I was pleased to hear how the media was being used to bring about positive changes and awareness to people. It would be amazing if some sort of program could be created and broadcasted at a national level.

  3. I agree that the Autism podcast was ver hear warming. It is nice to hear that everyone can have a voice. This podcast shows such positivity as well as made me and I’m sure many others more aware. The TV channel in Florida is an amazing idea and I hope that their channel can spread more world wide.

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