A Channel for Autism (The Autism Channel)

The Autism Channel, which was released in late September, is a streaming cable station that captures the whole Autism world with various shows that are hosted by real power with autism.  The Autism Channel mission is to help parents, caregivers, people on the spectrum and other members of the Autism community to find what works for them. Some of the programs that the autism channel air are “Doctor Judy” is hosted by DR. Judith Aronson-Ramos who is a pediatrician that specializes in early autism diagnoses interviews both professionals and families dealing with autistic children. DR. Aronson-Ramos talks about early diagnosis and treatment for people on the spectrum.  “I am Autistic” is hosted by a 13 year old child named Daniel Heinlein with Asperger’s that takes Daniel from their studios to faraway places as people see Autism from the eyes of someone on the spectrum.  He talks about autism with doctors, researchers, and others on the spectrum. Also there is “At Home with” that goes into the lives and homes of families with autistic children and see how they deal with the challenges of providing support for children on the spectrum. In 2002, 1 in 150 people are diagnose with Autism and in 2008, 1 in 88 people are diagnose with Autism.  The Autism channel I feel is very inspiring for people around the world for have Autism or on the spectrum of having Autism. It gives people with Autism the courage and confidence of being about to do anything without being judged just because you want to and can. Autistic children are just like any other children where they are do the same exact things as people without Autism. I believe that the Autism channel has incredible potential to help and network families, educators and service providers and build collaboration and success for kids with Autism.  The Autism channel is become a more popular media streaming channel that is getting known around the world.

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