Is File Sharing getting out of hand?

This article really stuck out to me because media file sharing is becoming much more predominant as different types of programs continue to rise in hopes for internet users to “save money.” In a study made “14% of Americans get the majority of their music or movies illegally.” I know some people personally who use Youtube as a means of getting their music files with the support of “Youtube to MP3” websites that let users access a few links a day to convert their visual files into audio files. In the podcast it is mentioned that “52% US survey support penalties of any kind” including fines, warnings or disconnection from the internet.  I do not agree with the means of fines or warnings, and I especially do not agree that someone should be “disconnected form the internet” for illegally downloading music or movies, it is nearly impossible to do so. If someone is disconnected from the internet they automatically are shunned from using the internet freely.

The reason behind many of these illegal downloads are due to “guilty pleasure and mischief.” If copyrighters really would like to protect their files they should consider making less loopholes in their laws that will give people less access to taking their files. What must be monitored on the internet, I believe, are the users who solely focus on pirating and leaking music or movies such as- Bit Torrent or Pirate Bay.  The ISP of a person’s computer is monitored for people to see what users are downloading files illegally. But is it really wrong that a person is taking these files from P2P websites? I think not. The people who should be wronged are those providing it to users, not the users who are receiving these files. For those who support enforcement of penalties, it should be considered that those who monitor internet usage track down the providers rather than the users. For example, Limewire, infamous for their illegal file sharing, has been wiped off the map for years now. With the rise of internet radio such as Spotify or Pandora these programs, I believe will help reduce the P2P illegal file sharing. A user can simply find the music they want and listen to it for free without facing paranoia of being caught.  These websites and programs are similar to the services Netflix provide where people are willing to pay for the services to receive files legally.

filesharingDo I think that this will end anytime soon? Definitely not. The internet is known for the users to become the generators of file sharing, We use the internet to get information and programs so that we don’t have to pay, let’s face it—the more we learn how to find the loopholes, file sharers will continue to release media without thinking twice about copyright infringement. The corporations seem to have their heads elsewhere that monitoring the actions of millions of Internet users, makes it impossible to catch every single illegal site out there.


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