Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

hitchhiker-kaiI choose to respond to the hitchhiker video for this week’s blog. I choose this video because I think it really demonstrates the power of social media. What I mean by this is that this story is about a young homeless man named Kai who saved a woman’s life and stopped a crazy man who picked him up from killing anyone else. This video went viral so quickly and I think that one of the main reasons for that is because it was almost in a way humorous, not the story but the hitchhiker himself. He was the type of guy that America wants to see more of because he just seemed like a genuinely good person. Its interesting the power that social media has today and the fact that when there is a funny news segment with a funny subject or interviewee it is immediately put on Youtube for everyone to see, comment on and pass it along to all their friends. Now just like the bed intruder or sweet brown there of course has to be a song made from the interview and remixed and there has to be a number of parodies.

A major reason for this is because people see how quick someone can rise to fame on Youtube and often times they feel if they try to do the same they can achieve the same amount of fame. Social media works in such a quick way that people can record a video and immediately upload it in the hopes of becoming famous. Since the video went viral the hitchhiker Kai has had a burst of stardom because now people want to see more from him, they want to know him more and even help him out because he is homeless. I think a lot of the times the power and quickness of social media is often overlooked and a viral video like this happens it just really reminds us of the power.

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