Kai the Hitchhiker

I chose to respond to the video about Kai “the hero” hitchhiker. In his interviews, Kai describes the events that took place in Fresno California. Kai had gotten a ride with Jett Simmons when out of nowhere, Jett claimed he was Jesus Christ and he could do whatever he wants. Right after making this statement, Simmons proceeded to drive his car into an electric company worker. The people on the streets who saw the incident rushed over to help at which point, Simmons started to attack the innocent people trying to help the man that had just been hit by Simmons’s car. Kai who was watching everything happen, knew that he had to do something and he had to do it fast. Kai had a travel hatchet in his bag so he attacked Simmons with it.

Since the incident occurred, the videos of Kai’s interviews have gone viral. The videos have been autotuned, edited, and remixed for entertainment. With all the events that took place that day, Kai has gotten more attention than the victims, and Jett Simmons.

This video is a prime example of what society takes away from serious events. Kai has gotten so much attention for the way he talks and how he explained the incident. During his interviews, Kai had no filters and explained it how he wanted to. After watching the interview, i believe that it is not the the events that took place in Fresno that are getting attention, it is Kai that is getting all the attention. Yes he did help to stop Jett Simmons from injuring or killing innocent people but since his interviews, there has been no attention given to theĀ  status of the victims or the man who caused the damage.

In my opinion, this video goes to show that comedy trumps the news no matter how serious the events that took place.


  1. I really like your point about how society can take something that is actually a serious event and turn it into something totally different. The story almost became less about the PG&E worker and more about Kai.
    I do think that yes Kai deserved some recognition of course BUT the victim in the situation was barely mentioned, only for a brief moment.
    It’s pretty scary and a little strange that people always find comedy in the news about how serious any topic is

  2. I agree. The news has control of the facts they put out and the focus of the story they are producing. I think this video would not have gone viral if it wasn’t funny. It would be a different video if it wasn’t funny. It would be a different story if it wasn’t funny. Humor softens the harshness of this story and avoids the actual situation. Humor can be a good thing or bad thing.

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