Muzak to mood…

Listening to Joseph Lanza talk about “Muzak”, (in other words “elevator music” to most of us,) was a real eye opener to me. I was unaware that this type of music was so influential since the 1930’s within society.

Lanza touches upon the notion that he advocates for muzak, as many people associate this easy listening music to places (especially elevators) that can cause anxiety and stress.

They are now changing the name to “Mood” in an effort to prevent the dislike to the genre that has been re-named by the public from muzak to elevator. I think that whatever they call it; they will always have the love or hate listeners just as they did before. One reason for disconnect between myself and mood music is I am not subjected to it enough. It is not a well played style that we in this modern age are accustomed too. But, I do think that listening to something that could possibly be a de-stressor could be helpful in the fast past lives we live. I certainly know I would forget to listen to something that could calm me down. Maybe I should try to remember, and listen. Who knows, maybe the mood music could be another new craze?

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