I found the podcast about the Washington Post’s “Truthteller” incredibly interesting because the app seems so convenient. I like the ideas Cory Haik is striving towards because if done effectively could present accuracy during almost anything you are listening to. Siri is the inspiration to this app. Siri has a lot of problems converting audio to text. The podcast related Siri’s issues to Truthteller saying that they are also having similar problems. I am interesting in seeing how Truthteller works out after they get ride of all the kinks. I also found it interesting that the Washington Post needs to expand their archives in order to make Truthteller more accurate and effective. It seems like they should partner with a search engine company, like google to make things better.  This is probably way easier said then done.  I found it interesting that the they chose tax reform as the topic to start their archives with. I guess there are a lot of politicians that give inaccurate information about taxes. In the future I would like to see Truthteller work in all situations. I would use it to go shopping. If a sales associate is not exactly telling the truth the app could catch that very quickly. The technology may have to be a little more subtle in order to work in a one on one setting. I would not want someone to know that I am fact checking them. It would come off as insulting. Over all I think Corey Haik has a great idea and should expand it. I would be interested in using her app.

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