Viral Video’s ‘Patient Zero’

Viral video patient zero is the hit comedy TV show South Park’s first ever video. Back in 1995 where the internet was starting to become popular in this decade creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone still in college at the time created this video and had this own showing after being denied to be shown at a festival. What made South Park as people know it well on Comedy Central started from what is known to be patient zero that is this animated Christmas card that managed to get around the states in a matter of a year or so. Parker and Stone struggled with getting the approval of the video because it was so inappropriate to children and characters were constantly swearing Women actually cried because the video was that bad. Ever since a cable channel gave these college graduates a chance with six episodes, South Park was granted the highest rating on the channel and from there South Park continued to become Popular around the states. I feel South Park came a long way into becoming what it is now from one viral video on VSH tapes to multi-million dollar comedy show with over 15 seasons. This whole story reminds me of one of my favorite animated shows called Family Guy because of the way it started and how it is now one of the top animated series today. Family Guy came from a short that aired on Cartoon Network in 1997 called Larry and Steve with Larry resembling Peter and Steve resembling Brain from Family Guy. The creator Seth McFarlane who was also a college student at the time struggled to get his work to success and in the end manage to now have three animated shows on Fox, TBS, CW11, and Cartoon Network. Knowing that South Park creators started from showing their video in a hotel doing their own screening, having their animated Christmas video leaked all over the states with people making copies of the VHS tape shows how viral videos have changed from the 90s to now and how this made South Park famous. If you look at viral videos now it is like the new mainstream videos of our society with many shows today actually coming from viral videos like another animated show called Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Since South Park was called the first viral video it has changed the age of viral videos today. 

Larry and Steve:


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