WI-FI For AllI

The Washington Post got it all wrong this week. The took one bit of information and didn’t specify what they said and confused everyone. They claimed that the government was creating a system that would give free public wi-fi with out paying. The Washington Post put this story on their front page even though it was a completely untrue story. Many other reporters and websites went along with the news and paraphrased the article as they spread the word. The Washington Post claims that the FCC confirmed their story but sources at the FCC say that is untrue and so is the whole story. What the FCC is really doing is expanding their wi-fi now but not making it free wi-fi.

I am shocked that the Washington Post, even after they are aware of their false story they didn’t correct or take it down. Other sites that covered this story did correct themselves. The Washington Post only posted a follow up story that still doesn’t clarify what they meant in their first coverage. That paper should have taken the time to clarify to their readers and go on the podcast to answer questions as to why they are sticking to their stories. Checking the facts is so important the news is public and usually reaches everyone this false story and lack of correction affects the reputation of the paper. I would like to know exactly what the FCC is planning on doing with wi-fi. I don’t think it would be beneficial to a business to give free wi-fi out. Still the Washington post and other news that followed them should take the time to correct themselves.

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