Why Fact Checkers Are A Necessity

The Washington Post had a bad month filled with errors and lies that were published and made available to their audience. A story came out that turned out to be mostly fabricated with little factual evidence. The company is “agonizing over the breach of the listener’s trust.”

The Washington Post is now spending in-between 300 and 1000 dollars a show on fact checkers. The fact checkers worked for companies like The New York Times. Preparation and reviewing are key ingredients in making sure there are no mistakes made in your product. A link to corrections, where listeners can report errors, can also be useful. At the New Yorker headquarters there are sixteen individuals who are fluent in many languages that are designated fact checkers. They use a concept called “reporting in reverse”.

“They offer a chance to fix the wrong not rewrite an entire interview.” That concept is so important because a slight mistake doesn’t mean the writer has a chance to rewrite his or her article. Lastly social media could be used by readers to let the company know there has been a mistake, for example through twitter.

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