I Got 99 problems but these Strawberry Fields are Forever

In class we briefly discussed DJ Danger Mouse’s The Grey album, which is a fantastic mashup of Jay-Z’s the Black Album, and of course The Beatles’ The White Album. Who would have thought these two radically different artists on the spectrum would come together as brilliantly as they did. Now as a kid who grew up on The Beatles’ music from a very eclectic mother, and a brief period where hip hop consumed my music tastes I thought the way the album was created was really incredible. Both artists seem to compliment one another. I’ve heard that people who might not know much about hip hop as a genre feel that Jay-z and The Beatles should be no where near one another, as if hip hop taints the sanctity of their music. I think that’s what makes it even more genius. It blurs these lines between becoming music icons in a way. It all boils down to the art. Two icons within music history and they blend, dare I say, perfectly My favorite track is What More Can I Say? Does Danger Mouse earn his recognition as an individual artist? Doesn’t it take a talented musician to cut up music and create a different piece out of it? It’s some Inception type non-sense. This raises a lot of questions regarding authorship, and the whole mashup culture. Things like this have become a bit more common, creating a surge of new artists and musicians trying to create, without “gatekeepers”. I think it’s a great medium to work in, and it’s a great example of mashup culture.

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