So about this project


My envision for the semester project is to take various title screens from movies and show just how important this one image, this one still is into the analysis of a film. Being a film student, the past 4 years of my life have been spent analyzing anything that moves! Think about it, how important is the title screen? We look for it when the movie start, we wonder when it’ll appear to reaffirm that we are indeed watching the right movie.

Watch ANY movie and analyze it. When does it appear- at the beginning or end of the film? (many films have decided to use a title screen at the end of a film- which speaks tremendous volumes and I will discuss that later in the semester) how big is the font when compared to it’s background, what colors are used, is it a block colored background, how is it incorporated in the film etc.

Title screens foreshadow, enhance, and interpret a movie, and you might not even notice it.
Typography becomes incredibly important and the blend between type and motion becomes incredible.

Throughout the semester, several title cards will be analysed and compared to the film itself. I will use a few great examples of movies I’ve seen and I will try to have student interaction based on a poll of favorite movies, if they have ever seen a movie with an interesting title screen, and even perhaps dive into some new films as well.

You may think? I don’t get it- it’s stupid- it’s text, the movie makers don’t even put that much time into them. You go take a time out now! Each one is crafted and just as much time and effort is put into them as anything else.

You can do a thesis on 3 seconds of watching a title screen- not that I’m going to, but I hope this turns out to be an insightful project that gets people reading everything they see. It’s also going to be really fun- because who doesn’t love film?

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