Do we check the facts?



This podcast is about the Washington Post and all about fact checking. Different media outlets handle checking in different ways. Exeuctive producer of NPR Chris Turpin said that “we shouldnt pretend that we dont get things wrong, we work fast and try very hard to get it right but we should fess up when we dont get things right.” Now a days people want their news to be quick, and quick can come with ERRORS. But overall it seems that people are will to take news that is quick over news that is accurate. Who has time now a days to sit around and wait a day or two for something to be totally fact checked then printed? Peter Kanby, who does fact checking at The New Yorker tells us that over there they do what he calls reporting in reverse. What this means is that they “take pieces apart and put them back together again;” I liked this whole idea of working in reverse because it does give a greater chance for more accuracy BUT when news has to be reported quickly I am all for just getting it out there, the broad idea and then getting down to the nitty gritty later.

The comedy sketch team of “Funny Or Die” poked fun at the idea that only women used to be fact chekers with their “FCU” or Fact Checking Unit

The part in the podcast that I found to be especially true is how people tend to notice fact checking only if the people who fact checked make mistakes. It’s something that people like to especially point out; the mistakes. It often times can seem there is more to talk about in the mistakes than there is in the actual news. Everybody makes mistakes, we are humans and people should be a lot more forgiving when somebody makes a mistake, like Chris Turpin says if you make a mistake just confess that you did and move on.

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