imagesCAIJ8ZQWCopyright is a touchy subject. It can be so easily broken now that social media plays an important part of our lives. I feel YouTube is a site where these rules can be broken without realizing it. As young people are becoming creative online, producing music videos, mash ups and documentaries, it can be misleading what can be uploaded or not. From my experience, I created a short documentary that was put to a piece of music that that I didn’t realize I was allowed to use. YouTube contacted me and took it down. The site is so open and free that the intentions of the subscribers were not to steal music/lyrics or phrases, but to add flare to their own work for others to see. There is now a disconnect since the internet entered our world; when we had only books and reference materials or CD’s or records it wasn’t so easy to take something and recreate it within our work, laziness of sitting at a computer by illegally downloading a song, copy and pasting words or essays doesn’t feel like we are stealing. But, we are.

My attitude has now changed. Personally, I have a pet peeve to others who copy me and my ideas or creativity should be mine. This is true for every individual. This is not to say that the extremes of protecting outrageous sayings such as “Happy Birthday” should be monitored so carefully, but a balance of protecting artists should be more carefully looked at.

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