Copyright Laws

Copyright as we all know is well known to be an issue that constrains intermediaries that carry video content. Modern video creativity involves the use of some preexisting copyrighted work while offline works like television networks, theatrical distributors, and DVD distributors have strict copyright rules. There is something called “clearance culture” that is the expectation to express permission that will have obtained for every copyrighted work that appears in a video. Reading Fred Von Lohmann’s Your Intermediary Is Your Destiny because it explains in more detailed of copyrights. Copyright laws are made so creators of videos or any type of media can safety distribute their work without someone causing a copyright infringement. These laws are to protect those from any harm done of their work and have full ownership of it. It is interesting to see the difference in the copyright laws like how for “bouncer” the legal departments of online video-hosting platforms such as youtube would be a bouncer. Online video-hosting platforms are considered bouncers because it is public to the world and everyone can protect their work, yet someone else can state that there has been a copyright infringement in a video. For the doorman aspect is like television networks that are offline such as comedy central and cartoon network because the networks are protected and guarded by many laws so there can be no other claims. Having a video with a copyright complaint can be time consuming, but let video creators and television networks reach global audiences in many different ways.

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