In the Grey

The Grey Album is a compilation made by Danger Mouse using an a cappella version of Jay Z’s The Black Album and a bunch of samples from The Beatles that is commonly known as The White album. This album gained noteriety because of the EMI’s response and trying to stop it. Jay Z and Paul McCartney did give their approval for the album but EMI did not. The EMI had the copyrights to the samples of the Beatles album therefore they believed that Danger Mouse was failing to comply with the copyrights laws and “stealing” from them.

Grey Tuesday was a day created by an activist group called Downhill Battle this groups goal was to fight the break of the music industry and to restore it. Many websites that participated would allowed this album to be downloaded free for one day. Over 100,000 copies were downloaded in that day. Some sites that participated received cease and desist letters from EMI but none were charged in the end. 

In the end, Danger Mouse’s compilation was named best album of 2004 by Entertainment Weekly. 

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