Ag Gag Bill

In the recent years many people have exposed the food industry for its maltreatment of animals. A book entitled The Jungle written in 1906 by Upton Sinclair changed people’s thoughts in the food industry that is still being highly debated today. In 2008 an undercover exposure of the meat process by the Humane Society showcased the abuse of animals in the United States that was being served to students in the lunch programs around the country causing the largest meat recall in history.

wee This idea of the “mystery meat” in schools is a reason why I never ate wha

t was served in school, but doesn’t it make you wonder? What the hell are you really eating out there? No child or person for that matter should be served meat that hasn’t been ethically treated or for that matter chemically enhanced! The states around the country are trying to pass the “Ag-Gag Bill” that will create a ban against video-tapping animal facilitations that will combat against eco-terrorism. The bill mainly targets organizations such as PETA and Humane Society that let underground extremist use private investigations by filming and photographing animal houses. David Hinkins, State Senator of Utah exclaims that “they are trying to kill the animal industry.” In my personal opinion, the cruel v

ideos are another source that lets people into the reality of what happens for our food. We need protein to survive and it is completely understood that eventually animals need to die for our survival but there is no need for cruelty. In this podcast they discussed how the “terrorist” of the food industry exposed that in California the Central Valley meat packing plant showed a slaughterhouse worker who stood on a cow’s nostril to suffocate her, and in North Carolina slaughterhouse workers would kick and beat turkeys with rods.


This bill would be protecting these groups from “exposing” the industry more than they have already, but the damage is done.  There is no sense in protecting the industry from not letting people expose their mistreatment of animals.  The one beneficial part of this bill would be stop bringing such horrifying photos to those who grow sick from seeing these images such as myself. Sometimes, it’s just better not to see how your food gets on your plate.

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