dada is culture jamming

Culture Jamming is an old practice that dates back to  the 1900’s. Dada is culture jamming. The whole movement is making fun of traditional art. Marcel Duchamp is a perfect example of this. He is known for works that involve urinals and hanging bicycles. His take on the Mona Lisa is an example of culture jamming. He is making fun of the world famous painting in his version L.H.O.O.Q.  In this he drew a mustache and goatee on a post card of the Mona Lisa’s face. I think this is funny because he is poking fun at the art world. His alteration on the painting is satirical. It is a reflection of how serious the art world can take itself. The only change Duchamp made on this post card of the Mona Lisa was essentially two little squiggles. All the effort put into the original painting is made a joke by this. At the same time it is also a tribute to the painting because it is recognizing its greatness. This is what culture jamming is all about. Paying tribute while also criticizing is its method. For something to be culture jammed it needs to be well know and its universalness could be enough of a tribute on its own. Therefore sometimes culture jamming could be complete criticism and very little celebration of the subject matter. Either way most of the time it is funny.250px-Marcel_Duchamp_Mona_Lisa_LHOOQ

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