Fear of the Culture Jammers

Culture jamming has to be one of the most intriguing social movements in our time. Attacking political, economical, and social issues culture jammers have the ability to make a powerful statement in only one image or manipulation of the image.  One of the highly seen forms of culture jamming is seen through subvertisements which are creative anti-ads targeted at conspicuous consumption considered endemic of capitalistic societies. These images variously target consumers themselves or large corporations, often with a specific message to get people thinking about what and/or why they buy. These images cause consumers to second guess consumption, but does it really work? I would argue that they do. If not immediately they have a way of letting consumers think more into what they are doing. It is easy to go into any store and purchase an item without really thinking about the manufacturing process or what it will really do to benefit your every day life. What many people don’t understand is the logic and reasoning behind the movement of culture jammers, we see their actions as a crime when in reality they take a realistic and satirical step towards the mainstream. We fear the underground world, because we don’t understand what they see in our actions.

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