I’m Officially Disgusted!


On December 5th 2012, a 58 year-old Ki-Suk-Han, was pushed into the 49th street subway train station, by a man who he was altercating with. Witnesses said the two men had been arguing for minutes before the incident occurred.  A freelance photographer for the New York Post named, R. Umar Abbasi, was present and was able to take pictures during the incident. These pictures were valuable in helping the police assess the situation and identify the suspect; however, were they at all valuable in saving the man’s life? The seemingly obvious answer is no. There is no camera in the world that can magically transform into a superhero and help victims like Han, so then why didn’t actual people help him? That still remains a mystery to me.

Abbasi claims he was about 100ft away from the two men and could not have gotten to the man in time. However, reports show that the man was stuck in the rail for 60-90 seconds, so in the time that he was yelling for help and the train was quickly approaching, no one was able to get him out of the tracks? There were video recordings and various pictures of the incident, yet no one was able to lend their hand to this poor victim. Would this have happened had cameras or smart phones not been invented? I mean think about it, even after the man was in the tracks, the people’s instinct was to reach in their pocket or purse, pull out the phones and RECORD. You can’t blame something like this on technology, but you can definitely blame, the people using the technology. I’m not sure if this is more scary or disgusting…disgusting for sure. I am disgusted with the human race. Image

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