For this culture jamming assignment, this is the first thing that popped into my head. Guerrilla girls is a group of anonymous female artists and feminists to fight racism and sexism in art- be it locally or internationally. Most of their work features well known works of art and replacing the human head of a woman with that of a gorilla head.

Their work also implicitly states their opinions and viewpoints

This represents culture jamming form taking works of art and creating a political statement about the role of women therein. The group is based in New York and has a massive following. The groups work has been showcased in a few museums including the Art Institute of Chicago and the MoMA.

The desecration of notable figures or images in society to represent one’s own ideas. To disrupts and distort this corrupted “reality” and to make a lasting impression on what should be. The use of the gorilla head contradicts the idea of femininity- it is generally a masculine symbol, and their use of including in their work is a testament to female strength and empowerment.

This is only one of the countless examples that embodies culture jamming.

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