Culture Jamming


Culture Jamming can be defined as the altering of commonly seen slogans, advertisements, and household symbols in order to make them stir up emotions and controversies in the general public. This method is usually used in order to alter people’s views on controversial topics, and can even have political connotations. The photo above is an example of culture jamming because it attempts to change consumers views on the mass production of goods by the Nike company. The photo takes Nike’s slogan “Just do it”, along with its symbol, and places it in the foreground over a child, seemingly from another country, working a sewing machine. This photo attacks the Nike company and tries to communicate to its intended audience that  child labor is the source of the goods that they have been consuming from Nike. By placing the image of a young child creating the goods for Nike, the photo portrays a practice looked down upon in the United States. The image tells it viewers that by supporting the Nike company through consumption, they are supporting child labor practices in other countries. Culture jamming is an interesting media tool that is used frequently to help spread ideas and raise awareness. Sometimes it is much simpler to reach larger audiences by sending a small powerful message via images. Culture jamming also takes commonly viewed images and alters them to send messages that can be interpreted by viewers independently, and allows people to arrive to their own conclusions and beliefs based on the information that they derive from the images presented.

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