Koney 2012

koney“We mobilize massive groups of people to support and advance international efforts to end LRA atrocities,” says invisablechildren.com. Koney 2012 was an experiment in mediating mobilization that exploded and spread online as the fastest viral video ever, with over 3.7 million views. It was a test to bring exposure to a war criminal to see if a new celebrity status would influence justice. Although he is still not arrested, this social experiment proves how now people are easily influenced to watch and read things online.

Years ago, this movement would have never been possible. To reach a huge global population, it would take time, money and exposure in a much slower pace. Having something produced virally, we are connecting with people all around the world, and sometimes with forgetting what exactly we may be participating with. Clicking on a link, watching a video, automatically added to a count of people who are also doing the same thing in various parts of the world. What other form could bring the world together quicker, than the internet. New forms of mediating mobilization are happening online everyday. Grouping people on Facebook relating to their likes is a simple example.

But, when we read about Koney and the form of exposure he has got, how ethical is this? invisible children representatives took a risk- did it actually pay off?

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