Kony 2012 – mediated mobilization


After talking about the effects that Occupy and Arab Spring had on society and the rest of the world, another example came to my mind. Last year a video that millions of people shared, 94 million shares to be exact, became a huge topic of conversation. The short film on youtube called Kony 2012 was going viral around October. It was all over every single kind of social media, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc. People were changing their profile pictures, buying the merchandise, sharing the video, updating their statuses, tweeting, etc. Kony2012 is a very good example of mediated mobilization. It was a form of media that pulled millions of people together. Even if people who saw the video were skeptical the goal was to “make Kony famous.” Therefore, even if one was not supportive of the organization the underlying goal was achieved. The basics of the organization was well known throughout the country and world. However, the only difference between the Kony2012 and the other two movements is that. Kony2012 is that now it’s 2013 and no one really talks about Kony anymore. It’s as if he had his 15 minutes of fame and it’s over now. That being said the organization that’s overall goal was to capture Kony never did but they did get a lot of money.

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