Life Through Their Eyes



Life Through Your Eyes

For my semester project I am exploring personal expression through photography. Each week I ask various people to post a personal photograph representing a specific word on my newly developed Facebook page. This gives each person an opportunity to visually show others their personal visual expression of the word, based on their experiences and background. I chose to use Facebook because it is such a well known platform which contains a diverse group of people. Additionally anyone has the opportunity to “Like” this page and participate.

In the development of this page, I ran into a bit of a challenge. In developing a Facebook Page you must receive at least 30 “Likes” to become a published page. Initially I was worried I would not be able to obtain 30 people in order to become a published page, but it turned out the page received 30 likes within one day.

I believe this page is a great representation of divergent voices in convergent media because it allows me to see how many people I am reaching based on the post I make. Additionally it also classifies whether or not participants or my personal post are consider organic or viral. This is a very interesting feature because it demonstrates how far your individual voice can travel on a social media website.

Recently I have linked my page to other photography and photo journalism pages in hope of networking with similar pages. What I have learned from this project is it is very easy to loose an audience if you are not constantly posting new and interesting information.

If anyone is interested in seeing or participating in the perception project the page is called “Life Through Your Eyes

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