Research paper

I am going to be writing about technology and analyzing the different sides to how it is improving our lives and also making our lives more difficult. I will be discussing wether or not technology is allowing us to create closer relationships with others or is it coming in the way of having a real face to face realtionship. Also because we can access anyone or anything in the matter of seconds are we giving enough of quality time to our relationships or are we spending less time with people but have more people to connect with – Quality vs. quantity. I will start off by looking in the past at how people use to communicate and what were the values. Then I will compare what we did in the past to what is going on today with how we connect to people. I will also talk about the miscommunications through social media. Also the way we are all able to change how people view you through social media. My last point I will look at what the future might be like.

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