Semester Project Update

Since I last posted I was happy to announce a quick following of people for my music blog project, two weeks later I am even more happy to share some of the successes I’ve had with my tumblr page! I now have 21 followers and have reached some AWESOME notes with my own reviews.

One of my reviews for “The Heist” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis got 5 notes (3 of which were reblogs) A reblog for those who don’t know is when someone reposts what the original author posts for more people to read.

Another review of mine for a band called Gold Fields tweeted back to me after the college radio station (MVL Radio) tweeted my review to them! How cool is that?!

Although the following is quite small it continues to increase, I have connected my music blog to my twitter that gets tweeted to the artists for potential exposure, hey you gotta shamelessly promote, right?

I have followed Valerie and Jazmin’s blog as well as Jennifer’s tattoo blog! I am loving everyone’s projects thus far this semester.

Feel free to check out my project: fitzpleasurepleasure.tumblr.com
If you would like to see something get reviewed, have any comments or feed back I’m open to everything!


  1. I like your page, although I have no idea how to use Tumblr and what to do when I am there?! I saw a video of the Spice Girls and when I was a teenager I was OBBESSED with them, I wanted to comment, but didn’t know how!? Good job by the way.

    1. Laura, Thank you for your feedback! There is no way to comment on a post but you are able to leave an “ask” or “fan mail” by utilizing the envelope in the upper right hand side of the page where it says “Follow” and “Join Tumblr” or clicking the “Ask Me Anything” link that is in the bio!

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