Semester project update

For my project I am comparing the difference of the modern family cartoon early as the 1960s to the present. Old school cartoons like The Flintstones and The Jetsons were famous for being a typical family of parents, kids and a pet that have their usual issues as families do was seen as children friendly. In this day in age there is shows like Family Guy, American Dad!, Cleveland Show, and South Park that take modern families to a whole new level. With all of these shows they break many barriers of modern family shows from back then allowing them to curse, say racial jokes and show blood by killing people and etc. I want to talk about the change the evolution modern family cartoons went through from a simply everyday family that loving and caring to a family that attack each other, fight and curse around others and constantly have racial jokes about everything. Modern family shows in general have taken a big step into change and with cartoons it is interesting to see how they have changed. So far I have done research of the old modern family cartoon shows and the present modern cartoon shows to have information about all of the shows, but there is no work done yet.

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