Research Project

For my research paper I am studying the evolution of comic books. Previously I have read a bit about Marvel and it’s main contributors Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In this assignment I hope to learn more about the influential companies that contributed to the progression of comics and the relationship between comic books and American society. I think that comic books greatly reflect the views of the public throughout history as well as politically ongoings. Although many of these characters are fictional, a lot of them were created based on the challenges American people were facing based on different time periods.

After reading Batman: Year One, I can now understand the concern parents had for their young children who read comics. As I further research this topic I am finding a lot of the content developed is very dark and personally I think is meant for a more mature audience. Tonight when I have a chance, I plan to watch a documentary that discusses more on the development of comics in order to see if there is anything else I would like to discuss in this paper.

I have to admit I have never written a paper this size before and find it to be somewhat daunting. Although I usually enjoy writing I feel the quantity of this assignment is somewhat distracting. I believe once I get further into the writing process, this will start to become a lot easier. Thankfully I have a topic that is interesting which I believe will help in reading and gathering of information.

Here is my current bibliography in which I hope to continue adding more sources to:

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