Semester Project Update

For my semester project I decided to create a music mix of music I have listened to from preschool up until now. I listen to my music every day, I always have my headphones on, so I thought it would be easy to come up with a list of songs I have listened to over the years but I was wrong! I realized I listen to and enjoy so many songs, I couldn’t just pick one song per school year. So I decided to pick 3-4 songs per grade but this was still very difficult. After about a week I finally compiled a list of songs I felt were my favorites over the years.

After I finally finished my list of songs, it was very interesting to see the jump in the type of music I listened too. I also noticed that my interest in music stayed pretty consistent over the years until I entered college and met new people who introduced me to a new genre of music that I had never listened to before.

Not that my list of songs is complete, my next step is to mix all of them together. I will do this by using Audacity; a program designed to mix music and allows you to use different effects such as fading and cutting songs. After I mix the songs, I will analyze the songs, the messages they have, and look at how my music preferences have changed from the time I was in preschool until my senior year of college.

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