When will the CYBERBULLYING stop?


This podcast is about a similar narrative to the Stubinville Rape case in Torrington Connecticut. Three teenage players have been accused of sexual acts with two thirteen year old girls. A lot of bulling has been happening to the two victims in this case and the local paper have posted the bullying tweets of their twitter handles and pictures not blocked out. Editor of the paper Matt DeRenzo approved to print the names of minors. DeRenzo wanted to show that kids from any caliber had said means things on twitter and wanted to post the twitter names because he didn’t want people namely parents to believe that it couldn’t have been their kid and their kid would never do that. He wanted to show the public what the two thirteen year old girls were seeing and how it it affecting them.

DeRenzo talks about how bulling online is often times a mob mentality. And a huge number of students in the town of Torrington believe that statutory rape is okay and it is also okay to call somebody a whore.

DeRenzo believes that if he had blocked out the names than the tweets and harassment would have continued and parents wouldn’t have woken up to it. The old standard with the idea of social media now no longer applies with releasing the names of minors because they will be revealed anyway; the real problem here according to DeRenzo is that the attitude towards rape and consent is a problem now because twitter is broadcasting it. There has been backlash from the kids because they are seeing their friends take grief and adults they are seeing “a ton of support” the whole community of Torrington’s eyes have been opened. DeRenzo is a definite advocate for protecting thirteen year old girls from bullying.

I have to say that I loved what DeRenzo did. I think that parents in Torrington but all over the US needed that shock. Too many times kids names have been protected but I think when they post something on a public website like twitter they are putting their believes out there for everyone to see and if they are cyber bulling people who have come forth with  crime than they deserve to get their identities exposed. It is easy to sit behind a computer and post something anonymous but when your posting it to your twitter feed you must really have to believe in what your saying, right?

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