Beyond Disturbing

After listening to “On The Media” and further reading about the Ohio rape trail in the New York Times I am horrified, disturbed and disgusted at the crime committed. I think this was one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read and literally feel sick after reading how victimized this young girl was. After reading that photos of the victim were distributed and posted on social media sites by other teenagers in the community, I cannot help but think about what our world will be like in the future. Additionally it actually makes me question whether or not I want to have children of my own, because this is not the kind of world I would ever want them to be exposed to! It is just unthinkable to me that other students lacked that much respect for another human being. I know there is no amount of hatred that could ever influence me to contributed to something so wrong… Wrong does not even describe the word I’m looking for… Honestly the whole thing is just heartbreaking.

As for the ignorant individuals who felt they could anonymously threaten, criticize and bully the victim; they are disgraceful people. I would be so ashamed to be the parent of any of those horrible individuals. I think that it is great that the bullies twitter accounts were made public. Also I think that all of those kids who posted horrific things should be forced to publicly apologize on a news cast. Because when you are forced to speak the words rather then type them, you may actually think about what you are saying.

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