I still have ‘I love cats’ stuck in my head…

I am still singing ‘I love cats’ nearly a week later.  I have shown the videos to so many people and laughed every time.  I am the type of person who usually finds things funny, so this was a first.  Maybe because I really do love cats and am obsessed with the two I live with!  I think it is a really good example of how videos do go viral, as some friends had already seen the eharmony video and that shocked me.  It is crazy how one girl can be famous from one silly prank.

I obviously then searched for cat memes myself to give an example to show.  Here is one I thought was particularly funny.  Sometimes when looking through countless examples, they do get repetitive and someones quite crude.  In fact, most seemed really unnecessary, and that is not really want to see.

I hope you like it…


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