My Favorite Meme


This Family Guy meme is one of my favorites. One reason why this is one of my favorite meme’s is because Family Guy is my favorite to watch and this meme uses Peter Griffin to get the point of the meme across. In this meme, Peter is standing in a room next to a red button and a sign that says “Do Not Push Button” i think the creator of this meme made a great choice in making Peter the only character in the meme. Peter was a great choice because in every episode of Family Guy, Peter always does something he is not supposed to do and ends up either getting himself in trouble, ends up causing some kind of chaos, or something that actually helps his family and friends. Because Peter always gives into temptation and lives without regret, I think he is a great character to use for this meme.

The next reason why I like this meme is because of the message it is sending. As we can see, Peter is being told not to push the red button however, we all know that when we are told not to do something we feel the need to do what we are not supposed to do in order to see the outcome. This meme says “Temptation, do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering…” i really like this saying because it is 100% true. If we live life without taking chances because we do not know what is going to happen, then we will never know what could have happened by making difference decisions. Life is full of temptation and we need to make our own decisions as to what we feel is right and not live with regrets and wondering what could have happened.

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