In 1999, Stephen Colbert was sent to Surrey, England to discuss a new technology that was introduced for the gay community called “Gaydar” which helps gay men and women to mate. After his visit however, not much was seen from this device until 2009 when “Grindr” the most successful location based app for gay and bi-sexual men became popularized with the release of Apple’s iPhone with a GPS device inside. The app is used as a “cruising app” which helps men find sexual encounters. In a survey made of men ranging from 24-28, many of them used Grindr for “hooking up” but soon results showed that men were just looking for friends to break into the LGBTQ community. I think this is a safe and special app that connects gay men without fear of being attacked or discriminated.

Grindr gives users a real-time spontaneous result no matter where in the United States they travel. In this OTM podcast, the distinction between networking and contacting is made by Jamie Woo, author of Meet Grindr: How One App changed the Way We Connect. He states that networking is a way for people to meet other who will benefit and functionally help them in careers, meeting people, etc, whereas “contacting” is a passing communication that doesn’t affect our lives but gives us happiness. Woo’s hope is that more people will engage in contacting rather than networking.

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