As media coverage increases regarding gun related deaths it makes me question where I stand on the argument over gun control. I am strongly opposed to allowing individuals to own ridiculous semi automatic weapons. I have a close friend who own an AR-15, (such as the one in the picture above) which is a semi automatic weapon. As much as I fully trust this friend, I do not feel they should be allowed to own this sort of weapon. I don’t think it’s necessary for individuals to have this sort of ¬†weapon just so they can go to a shooting range for “fun.” This concept of having a gun for entertainment purposes is difficult for me to comprehend. I really don’t understand why anyone other than Military personal (who actually need this sort of weapon to fight a war), need to own such a powerful weapon. I will admit, I do not know a lot of guns, which is why I feel like I cannot fully come validate my argument against guns. I do think in order to make my decision I need to further research the pro gun argument.

I believe there has ALWAYS¬†been a significant amount of guns related deaths; but the media will only began to cover stories if there’s a tragic occurrence. It really bothers me how the media addresses these controversial issues and I think it is very frustrating how politically driven all news stations are on this issue. Sometimes I want a reliable source who can give me the strictly facts from both sides of the debate.

Lastly I have to say I have never felt so paralyzed with sadness, as I did when I heard about the Sand Hook Elementary School massacre. This reason alone makes me want to fully support the argument to eliminate the second Amendment. After working with elementary school kids for the last 4 years I could never imagine the fear those teachers felt. And not fear for their own lives, but fear for the lives of the children they work with and protect each and everyday. Moreover, I cannot imagine being a parent and having someone tell me my child had been murdered by a maniac with a semi automatic weapon. When thinking about that tragic topic once again, I may have made up my mind on how I feel civilians owning guns.

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  1. I agree that this subject is kind of a shaky one and hard to make a decision about when you don’t know that much about guns. However, I don’t think that civilians should be able to own guns because it is not a necessity. The Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy broke my heart and I feel so awful for all those teachers, children, and families that had to experience that. I think that maybe that could’ve never happened if we had a stronger gun control law and we are more careful with who we are allowing to own such powerful weapons that can do so much damage and harm to innocent people.

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