The Art of the Type

My blog is pretty much done- so I’m submitting the link.


To summarize the blog was supposed to show the importance of typography and the moving image- two things that may contract one another in a regular circumstance. The blog was supposed to show the importance of the title screens as a whole and to show their role in relation to the film- be it foreshadowing in most circumstances, and as an elaboration. 

Some stats: The blog originally had 34 followers, and now it has 21 LOL. It’s amazing that if you hashtag people will come out of the woodwork. Anyway- I had user participation and I got to speak to the girl who runs a movie title card tumblr.

I may post a few more, but as of right now I’m done. So check it out and I guess I’ll explain it tomorrow 😛

We can get through this ya’ll! 

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