The Stereotype of An Athlete


Hey guys!

So this entire semester I have gotten in touch with multiple athletes around campus and I was able to ask them all a series of questions and get photographs of them as well. Each athlete gave me a picture of themselves playing their sports as well as a picture of them involved in something else. What was interesting to find was how people’s alter activity could be so different from each other. I was also able to talk to three non-athletes and get their opinions on athletes around campus as well. I found it interesting to see different opinions that these non-athletes had.

I started out on Tumblr and ended up on a Facebook page because it was so much easier for me to network and get my page out their and known. It was really cool to see myself getting more and more likes and people liking the page and viewing posts.

I hope you have all enjoyed! And I had a really good time making this project and creating it all and speaking with different people! Thanks for listening!!



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